Paris Fashion Week® Menswear Spring/Summer 2023 – DAY 5 !

► Discover the official Calendar ◄© Claire Guillon
© Samir Novotny The Louis Vuitton show from the lens of Karl Hab, a photographer who continues to explore the world’s major cities – Los Angeles, Hong Kong and most recently, Paris – through his 24H book series. Constantly fascinated by the dynamics of fashion, music, and culture, he makes his way through Paris Fashion Week both behind the scenes and at the centre of the action. Each image, a fleeting moment in time imbued with a compelling sense of timelessness. 
► Flashback to Louis Vuitton ◄Tailored but casual,
Traditional but empowered,
Minimal but fiery.
The pop of Summer 23:
Beauty & full of energy.
► Pierre-François Valette (Valette Studio)  ◄Based in London, Jeremy Langmead has been directing men’s fashion content across various channels for more than a decade. Among the founding team of Mr Porter, he now consults for several men’s fashion and beauty brands. Last year, he published a book called Vain Glorious: A Shameless Guide for Men Who Want to Look Their Best.
► A Take on Fashion: Jeremy Langmead ◄Although Vuarnet is typically known for sunglasses, Boramy Viguier might just convince you that it will be remembered for much more. His latest collection plays out in three formats: the ready-to-wear show, a mise-en-scène ensconced in the belly of Dover Street Market’s 3537 Marais space; a lookbook set against the backdrop of various sylvan and hilly milieux; and a vaguely erotic short film showcasing the playful but perfunctory appeal of Vuarnet’s new identity. 
► Vuarnet’s New Lens ◄To each one’s own hand and all for one. Born under the sign of Pisces, he only has “water signs” in his studio located in the Ateliers de Paris where “everything is fluid”. In 2019, this alumnus of the London College of Fashion founded his own brand, based on the concept of an evolving wardrobe. “The Act of Growth” was a way of celebrating the tailoring spirit in contemporary fashion, and the art of taking one’s time to do things right – from piping to shoulders. It all starts with 3D computer work. “We don’t lose the hand; on the contrary. Even if there is emphasis on digital, we return very quickly to the pattern, to this craft construction. Everything is done there,” he explains. 
► The Hand Ingrained – Steven Passaro◄ “An early spring morning, light, strong coffee. Certainly one of my favourite moments to imagine my collections.”
► Collection Snapshot: Officine Générale ◄The KidSuper Spring Summer 2023 show is a performance art piece that mimics an auction sale. Attendees receive a numbered paddle upon entering an auction room. As the looks and paintings are revealed, Lydia Fenet, the lead Benefit Auctioneer at Christie’s, begins auctioning the paintings to the unknowing fashion crowd. 
► Collection Snapshot: Kidsuper ◄
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