The New York Times: Το πυρηνικό όριο του Πούτιν

The New York Times: Putin’s nuclear brinkmanship
President Vladimir Putin of Russia said he would be able to position tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus by the summer. The claim is likely bluster, analysts said. But it showed Putin’s willingness to raise the specter of nuclear conflict to pressure the West to cut its support of Ukraine.
In a television interview, Putin gave new details of a plan that he first floated last year. He said that 10 Belarusian warplanes have already been retrofitted to carry Russian nuclear weapons and that a storage facility for the warheads would be ready by July 1.
Western officials condemned Putin’s remarks as irresponsible. Still, they said that they saw no indication that Russia was making changes to how it deploys nuclear weapons. And although worries have lingered, U.S. officials have seen no effort by Russia to move or employ its nuclear weapons and believe that the risk of their use is low.
Belarus: President Aleksandr Lukashenko has allowed Putin to use Belarus as a staging ground, but has not openly committed his own troops to the war. (Belarus is Russia’s closest international ally and borders both Ukraine and Russia.)
Antonis Tsagronis
Antonis Tsagronis
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