Paris Fashion Week® Menswear Spring/Summer 2023 – DAY 2 !

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Anyone who eagerly follows collection reviews will agree that those penned by Luke Leitch for Vogue Runway deliver a highly satisfying, never predictable summation of the experience – whether his incisive sense of how designers tick, or a laugh-out-loud comment on the crowd. As a contributing editor to the site, based between London and Milan, he is among the most prolific and readable voices in fashion journalism. 
► A Take on Fashion : Luke Leitch ◄“We were looking for a name to express our way of working, the research, the experimentation, the development around various themes. Ten years later, each one of us has a different role; we know what we have to do. We have always approached fashion work in a global way; we are close to the world of architecture, music – whether through collaborations with artists, or book publishing. José (Larmali) works on the collections, I work on the image and peripheral projects, and Jérémy (Egry) is the bridge between the two,” explains Aurélien Arbet.
► Hands up: Etudes ◄An exclusive conversation with Lukhanyo Mdingi, founder of Lukhanyo Mdingi, for Paris Fashion Week®.   Production: Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode / Kitten / Sheriff Projects.
► A Conversation With Lukhanyo Mdingi ◄One can imagine him doing the Shaka (thank you) sign of the Hawaiians, which also means relax or unwind. To meet Anthony Alvarez is to feel the asphalt slipping away, that Paris is becoming “glassy”, with optimal conditions for surfing, no wind, soft waves under your feet… Anthony’s hands are strong, they gently grasp the new world that awaits him.  Driving a van or rowing a stand-up paddleboard.
► Hands Up: Anthony Alvarez (Bluemarble) ◄An exclusive conversation with Drew Curry, founder of AIREI, for Paris Fashion Week®.   Production: Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode / Kitten / Sheriff Projects.
► A Conversation With Drew Curry (Airei) ◄Taak was founded by Takuya Morikawa in 2013. Spending eight years at in the studio at Issey Miyake expanded his experience end exposed him to deep knowledge of fabrics and materials. Exploration exists within the DNA of the brand, as Morikawa’s constant pursuit of innovation leads him to new frontiers in design.
► Exploring with Takuya Morikawa (Taakk) ◄Anne Baldessari, curator of the centenary exhibition of Simon Hantaï (1922-2008), currently on at the Fondation Louis Vuitton, shares insight on the distinctive and radical folding methods that the Hungarian-born abstract painter explored and expanded upon throughout his career. 
► Simon Hantaï: A technique mastered ◄
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Antonis Tsagronis
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