The New York Times: Η υπαρξιακή απειλή της A.I. για την ανθρωπότητα

A.I.’s existential threat to humanity
Executives from top artificial intelligence companies have warned that the technology they are building should be considered a societal risk on a par with “pandemics and nuclear wars,” according to a 22-word statement from the Center for AI Safety that was signed by more than 350 executives, researchers and engineers.
The statement comes at a time of growing concern about the potential harms of A.I. Advancements in large language models — the type of A.I. system used by ChatGPT and other chatbots — have raised fears that A.I. could soon be used at scale to spread misinformation and propaganda, or that it could eliminate millions of white-collar jobs.
Eventually, some believe, A.I. could become powerful enough that it could create societal-scale disruptions within a few years if nothing is done to slow it down. Those fears are shared by numerous industry leaders, putting them in the unusual position of arguing that a technology they are building poses grave risks and should be regulated more tightly.
Concerns: Some argue that A.I. is improving so rapidly that it has already surpassed human performance in some areas, and that it will soon surpass it in others.
Antonis Tsagronis
Antonis Tsagronis
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