Haute Couture Week FW22/23 – DAY 3 !

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There are too many highlights to list here. There are the instantly recognisable creations: the lobster dress and shoe hat, made with Salvador Dalí or the pieces featuring embroideries from Jean Cocteau illustrations; the wondrous selection of sculpted buttons, many conceived by Jean Schlumberger, Elsa Triolet and Alberto Giacometti; the thematic collections – from Pagan to Circus; and even the trompe l’oeil knits that were at once wearable and original for their time. We discover her from many angles: through striking portraits by Man Ray, through her illustrations and even through her selection of Jean Michel-Frank furniture in her atelier at 21 Place Vendome. But Shocking! The Surreal World of Elsa Schiaparelli, which opens on July 6 at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, also extends beyond her world to the designers and couturiers who have paid tributed to her over the decades including Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Lacroix, John Galliano, Azzedine Alaïa, Sonia Rykiel. And while the spotlight shines on Elsa, the awe-inspiring designs from Daniel Roseberry are presented throughout the retrospective in ways that underscore how the Schiaparelli heritage has been magnificently revived.  
► A Radiant Schiaparelli Retrospective at MAD A well-known fashion critic in China, Tang Shuang’s unique point of view and straightforward writing style have contributed to her significant social media following. Her foray into fashion began at Modern Weekly in 2008 as assistant fashion editor. After that she moved to The Outlook Magazine followed by Numero China as senior fashion editor where she oversaw styling, features writing and interviews. She became a regular columnist on The New York Times China website and re-entered the fashion space as editor-in-chief InStyle China before taking the role of vice publisher at Vogue China. Currently, she works as an independent fashion writer and creative consultant while exploring personal projects that include a video series, The Future of Chinese Fashion, and the podcast, Let’s Talk. And she can still be read as a regular columnist on Ladymax China.
► A Take on Fashion: Tang Shuang 
Yves Saint Laurent and Christie’s: a history-making tale
In early 2022, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Yves Saint Laurent fashion house, six major Parisian museums paid tribute to this extraordinary artist whose name, 20 years after his final fashion show, still embodies French haute couture. This offered an opportunity for us to reflect on the exceptional popularity of these haute couture creations at auction and, in particular, at Christie’s Paris, which holds the world record for the artist.
► Just One Piece: Camille de Foresta Couture has always been given creative liberty, which is an incentive for a designer: absolute freedom in the cuts, in the choice of materials, embroideries, finishes. I believe I have become ever-more comfortable with the world of couture, and I take much pleasure in the opportunities it opens up because of the skill of the craftspeople who work on it. I look forward to continuing to explore these opportunities in the future. Privé has liberated a part of my creative energy, allowing me to explore a more imaginative and freer dimension of my vision of style. This has also led me to develop and deepen variations of the Armani style, with a strong and positive impact on the whole business – even at the level of global notoriety.
► Collection Snapshot: Giorgio Armani 
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