Haute Couture Week FW22/23 – DAY 1 !

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Based in Paris, Pamela Golbin brings an authoritative, intelligent, and sensitive perspective to fashion curating and book writing. Esteemed across the industry, she spent 25 years as the curator of fashion and textiles at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, staging some of the museum’s most successful exhibitions including Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Fashion Forward, 3 Siècles de Mode. In 2018, Golbin pursued an executive education program at Harvard Business School before joining Jacquard by Google as artistic director where she developed an Arts & Culture residency. As a cultural thought leader, she is currently working on several special projects with yet another book underway. In this new series, timed to the first day of the Haute Couture collections, she tells the story of a couture piece she considers both beautiful and meaningful.
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In both writing and presence, Lynn Yaeger is sui generis. Her unfiltered fashion voice – whether for Vogue, New York magazine or, for three decades, The Village Voice – flows with unsparing wit, personality, and good sense. Her steadfast, eccentric style – some cross between a Belle Epoque illustration, an antique doll and a Comme des Garçons muse – remains wonderfully nonconformist. A passionate, discerning collector of fashion and miscellaneous antiques, Yaeger finally joined Instagram not so long ago where she shares glimpses of the treasures spread throughout her New York apartment; that is, when she’s not serving up brilliant commentary on the state of the industry today.
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