Paris Fashion Week® Menswear Spring/Summer 2023 – LAST DAY !

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© Samir Novotny The Dior Homme show from the lens of Karl Hab, a photographer who continues to explore the world’s major cities – Los Angeles, Hong Kong and most recently, Paris – through his 24H book series. Constantly fascinated by the dynamics of fashion, music, and culture, he makes his way through Paris Fashion Week both behind the scenes and at the centre of the action. Each image, a fleeting moment in time imbued with a compelling sense of timelessness.
► Flashback to Dior Homme ◄Paris, California: L.A. Designers Return to Fashion Week This reverie — call it a transportive sort of California dreaming — isn’t exclusive to the designer: There are many from the area who have chosen Paris to reveal their latest collections, and all of them have found a way to seamlessly blend cues from the City of Light with vibes from the City of Angels. With a list that spans Amiri, Airei, Reese Cooper, Rhude, Mr. Saturday, The Elder Statesman, Nahmias and John Elliott, it’s very clear: L.A. has resolutely landed in France.
► Read it now !  ◄In the cinematic universe of Ernest W. Baker, character progression shapes this current collection. For Spring Summer 2023, designers Reid Baker and Inês Amorim reverted to a backstory, or rather the periods in life where childhood attitudes towards shelter, comfort, and unfettered joy manifest themselves in clothing. Through the lens of a child, the latest chapter in the Ernest W. Baker story is defined by strong primary colours, original patterns, and proper dress.
► Ernest W. Baker’s Cinematic Journey ◄Delicate, untied hands. Hands that hold the brush as well as the pasta machine, that throw shadows and raise watercolour storms. Davide Marello, head of his own house named Davi, chose an 18th-century mansion to present his déjeuner sur l’herbe (lunch on the grass – in homage to Manet). It is a youth hostel located a stone’s throw from the Gustave Moreau Museum. Though born in the Piedmont town of Asti, he seems to have emerged from a new Athens. He wanted to become an art restorer.
► Collection Snapshot: Davi Paris ◄An exclusive conversation with Gaultier Borsarello, creative director of Fursac, for Paris Fashion Week®.   Production: Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode / Kitten / Sheriff Projects. 
► Discover it now ! ◄Thirteen measuring points, 14 collar designs, 13 cuff designs, five pocket designs… The Hermès made-to-measure shirt spans a palette of 300 hundred exclusive fabrics pre-designed in the studio. There are hand-made embroideries and buttonholes, with the option of choosing the typography, the size of the letters, the color of the threads, shaded or unshaded letters, and, of course, the placement. “Many of our customers ask for a larger wrist on one side (to hide their watch or to protect it…),” says Mireille Leroux, director of the Hermès Homme custom studio.
► Hands up: Hermès ◄“Je t’aime Paris!” Noah Beck says at the end of a recorded message saluting men’s fashion week, flashing the grin that’s made him a superstar on TikTok. “It’s officially men’s spring-summer 2023 season of Paris Fashion Week,” he said, wearing “Over the last few seasons, I’ve been able to attend some amazing shows with some of the most prestigious French brands, and I can’t wait to see what this week has in store.”
► Read it now ! ◄Mexican designer Antonio Zaragoza is the mind behind Liberal Youth Ministry (LYM), the Guadalajara-based brand founded in 2016 and currently among the Dover Street Market Paris hub of talent. With an approach that is colourful and ironic, he analyses the universality of youth and is deeply influenced by subcultures. Last year, the brand introduced women’s wear sub-label, DREAM BABY, that is designed in partnership with Zaragoza’s wife, Kenia Filippini. 
►A Conversation With Antonio Zaragoza (Liberal Youth Ministry)  ◄ You have a right of access, rectification, deletion or opposition regarding your personal data. If you wish to use the right and obtain communication of you data, please send an email to the following address:
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Privacy PolicyThough based in Paris, Dryce Lahssan is often traveling to key fashion cities and beyond as a consultant for various brands and special projects, to which he contributes a depth of industry knowledge and creative strategy. He is also the designer of a namesake trench coat label, LAHSSAN, that over the years, has developed a cult following for his precision tailoring and focused eye. For the first time, he has created a trench coat for men that complements his women’s piece. 
► A Take on Fashion: Dryce Lahssan ◄“Every generation of adolescents uses Dada as a device for protest and rebellion” – Dieter Buchhart. “Maybe we’re all just children of the Cabaret Voltaire and Le Chat Noir.” Joey Gollish, founder & designer of Mr. Saturday
► Collection Snapshot: Mr.Saturday ◄
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