Paris Fashion Week® Menswear Spring/Summer 2023 – DAY 3 !

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From Noah with love: A special message from @noahbeck, who shares his admiration for all those participating in Paris Fashion Week. Merci, Noah, for your support!
► Noah Beck: je t’aime Paris An exclusive conversation with Jeanne Friot, founder of Jeanne Friot, for Paris Fashion Week®.   Production: Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode / Kitten / Sheriff Projects
► A Conversation With Jeanne Friot ◄The Yu Prize is a dedicated fashion prize established  in 2020 by Wendy Yu in association with Shanghai Fashion Week and the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode (FHCM) to identify and support the careers of emerging Chinese fashion designers.
► YU PRIZE 2022 Winners : PONDER.ER◄An exclusive conversation with Reese Cooper, founder of Reese Cooper, for Paris Fashion Week®.   Production: Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode / Kitten / Sheriff Projects. 
► A Conversation With Reese Cooper ◄Winnie New York is first and foremost a label founded by Idris Balogun, a Nigerian native raised in London, who pays tribute to his grandmother’s name, Princess Winifred Dademu. Twill suit jackets, trench coats, the tailor’s ‘hand’ that he was introduced to in his early days at Savile Row finds their way into this wardrobe where touches of colour and satin shirts electrify a newfound desire for Africa.
 ► Hands up: Winnie ◄“We were looking for a name to express our way of working, the research, the experimentation, the development around various themes. Ten years later, each one of us has a different role; we know what we have to do. We have always approached fashion work in a global way; we are close to the world of architecture, music – whether through collaborations with artists, or book publishing. José (Larmali) works on the collections, I work on the image and peripheral projects, and Jérémy (Egry) is the bridge between the two,” explains Aurélien Arbet.
► A Take on Fashion: Gert Jonkers ◄« I’ve been amazed by the pleasure of doing good. »Dangerous Liaisons by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos► Collection Snapshot: LGN Louis Gabriel Nouchi ◄
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