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Δευτέρα, 29 Ιανουάριος 2018 20:07

DEMETER Spring Summer Couture 2018 collection ZIAD NAKAD


"I am Demeter, revered by all, the power most useful for gods and men,"

For his Spring Summer 2018 collection, Ziad Nakad decided to celebrate the  « Goddess of wheat" and "Mother of the Earth". Goddess who gathers the fruits of the earth and offers them to humanity; its cult is particularly flourishing in the countries where this wheat is found in abundance, in Sicily, in the region of Eleusis, in Crete, in Thrace and in the Peloponnese.

resized 050  KSM0389

Like a bird flying over the harvests, perfectly free, crossing a colorful sky, resplendent and singularly geometric: the pale blue of the firmament mixes with the yellow and gold of the wheat, the green of the earth, the coral of the ocean and the  bronze trees at sunset. Wheat ears dot the dresses, a tribute to the most iconic representation of the goddess Demeter. Dress after dress, Ziad Nakad plays a subtle game that celebrates life in a precise mastered know-how and silk embroidery sublimated tulles.

Ziad Nakad created this collection for a strong woman, assumed, voluntary but also and especially generous, inspired by one of the most favorable deities to humans, as a symbol of accomplishment and peace.

resized 049  KSM0332

resized 001  KSM8732

resized 002  KSM8756

resized 003  KSM8776

resized 004  KSM8808

resized 005  KSM8833

resized 006  KSM8856

resized 007  KSM8894

resized 008  KSM8923

resized 009  KSM8940

resized 010  KSM8979

resized 011  KSM9003

resized 012  KSM9033

resized 013  KSM9062

resized 014  KSM9097

resized 015  KSM9120

resized 016  KSM9160

resized 017  KSM9195

resized 018  KSM9224

resized 019  KSM9260

resized 020  KSM9286

resized 021  KSM9328

resized 022  KSM9360

resized 023  KSM9402

resized 024  KSM9439

resized 025  KSM9465

resized 026  KSM9495

resized 027  KSM9525

resized 028  KSM9562

resized 029  KSM9594

resized 030  KSM9637

resized 031  KSM9677

resized 032  KSM9701

resized 033  KSM9738

resized 034  KSM9774

resized 035  KSM9797

resized 036  KSM9832

resized 037  KSM9859

resized 038  KSM9892

resized 039  KSM9926

resized 040  KSM9957

resized 041  KSM9983

resized 042  KSM0018

resized 043  KSM0041

resized 044  KSM0071

resized 045  KSM0112

resized 046  KSM0142

resized 048  KSM0283



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